• CSTT is a health brand of Smart Team in Hong Kong. The brand was registered in China in 2015 and in Hong Kong in 2017.

    Headquartered in Hong Kong and factory in Shenzhen.

  • CSTT focuses on the development of health products, has a mature R&D, production and marketing team. Over the years, with the spirit of dedication and unremitting self-breakthroughs, it has been in the forefront of the industry, has obtained more than 20 national patents, products have been recognized by international CE, FCC and other strict quality, and is running steadfastly on the road of development and growth. 

  • CSTT will continue to adhere to the basic principle of "safety first, practicality first, experience first". It is our most sacred and proud mission to bring our products to you and spread health and happiness all over the world.

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